Used as a substitute for that's what she said/that's what he said in certain instances:

1. You are alone, talking to yourself, and realize no one else is around to say "that's what s/he said" but it's such a good one you can't pass it up.

2. You are trying to seriously flirt and the other person is trying to be respectful/appropriate/otherwise no fun.

3. You are making fun of your own whorish tendencies to cheer someone up.
1. Having just returned from a great workout you proclaim to yourself, "That was long, rough, and I will probably be sore tomorrow but it was worth it!"
After realizing no one is around to take advantage of this opportunity, you can't help but hesitantly say, "That's what I said...?"

2. Person A making appropriate conversation about something: "It's pretty hard but I like a challenge."
Person B in overly sexual tone: "That's what I said."

3. Someone in your group of close friends is in some real trouble and exclaims: "Fuck me!"
You: "That's what I said!"
Your friend: "Hahaha, that is a true story you ARE slutty...laughing makes me feel so much better about how screwed I am!"
by jordanlnk June 11, 2009
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a sarcastic way of answering someone who asks you to repeat what you said.

Originated in South Jersey
Will: Damn you're beat.
Tim: What?
Will: What I said.
by sean June 17, 2004
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A phrase that is used when someone hears you wrong and tries to correct you by saying what you originally said.
Tom: I went to the movies the other day.
Jim: You mean you WENT to the movies.
by some_guy1829374 March 6, 2008
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Phrase added after a comment to make something completely unsexual sound sexual and usually humerus. Derived from the phrase "thats what she said" and works similar.
"once I finish up with him, I'll get started on you"
"thats what I said"
by ambercake November 24, 2008
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The opposite of that's what she said. Better than saying that's what he said because if your a guy that sounds kinda gay.
"I'm about to put it in there"

"That's what I said to she"
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 April 7, 2009
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Doubling down on a controversial statement you previously made. Making it very clear that you have zero regrets over what you said, the statement remains factual and therefore you will not be apologizing to any persons offended by your valid opinions.
Kandi: So you saying my mama is low in the gutter ?!

Nene: Did I say she was low in the gutter? Did I write that she was low in the gutter ?

Kandi: WELL you implied it!

Nene: no I SAID WHAT I SAID!! ….And I ain’t changing on it!
by Abbifranch January 23, 2022
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when u say something shocking or unpopular and a bitch gets caught off guard or surprised
person 1: shawn mendes is hot but his music succs
person 2: huh?!
person 1: i said what i said
by periodtluv dx August 23, 2019
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