When a man is kicked in the testicles, resulting in blackouts, inability to walk, and a jelhon.
"That guy got twenty-twoed."
by Bubba Johnson July 23, 2006
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The second funniest number in existance. Can be used to answer almost any question. The number really just has a decent ring about it
joe:"man how much longer do we have to wait?"
tim: "about twenty-two minutes"
joe:"lol twenty-two"
by Joncyclark November 20, 2006
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22 inch wheels used to modify an automobile that typically is fitted with smaller wheels.
Man I just put twenty twos on my ride.
It is a bitchin ride now
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The worst number ever. To Catch 22 is the impossibility to win
by KingInnaEarth February 2, 2021
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A low caliber rifle, very little destructive power.
Brian shot me in the head with his .22 and I walked away
by Luciano December 15, 2003
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A way in which to say "2011". This is effective because "11" resembles two sticks.
Man 1: Happy Twenty Two-Sticks, bro.

Man 2: Sounds like a plan.
by madba January 2, 2011
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an undeterminted amount of time. example: "I will be back in twenty-two and a half..." That means you will be back but it could be in 22 minutes or 22 days... the answer is unlimited. finally we have a word that means this... for god sake use it!
"i will be back in twenty-two and a half"
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