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Tony Blair: opportunity blah blah blah new blah blah responsibility oink oink blah blah

Me: Fuck off, twatface.
by annoyed anarchist May 01, 2004
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The name instantly given to someone who has wronged you.

This could be an ex-partner, someone who is now overdue money that was lent or left you in a crap situation.
1. How is your mate mike doing, did he give you that money back for the ticket?

That twatface? Nah, I haven't heard from him in weeks.

2. So are you and Anna still getting along?

Twatface dumped me for some fuckface dickwad
by veeds1 September 08, 2009
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a moderator in a group who has dictator-like qualities. they often ban active members who disagree with the mod's point of view. they delete entries at will, thus denying the people of our freedom of speech.known to have no sense of humor, they insist that everyone use proper 'netiquette' and micro-manage every aspect of a once-fun group. Twat Face is the ultimate fun killer.
We cannot have any fun in the group now that Barb the Twat Face has taken over!
by da trick biatch October 04, 2006
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A Nazi-like bitch who dominates a forum who bans members arbitrarily and those who does not subscribe to her narrow point of view. Lacks any sense of humor and derives pleasure at the little power they wield. Usually their only sense of satisfaction and have very to little for.
Eve Batey is a TWAT FACE, anyone who does not conform to her ultra liberal stance would be ban outright.
by param4u February 16, 2010
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1. TWAT face is someone who's face largely resembles a cunt
2. their breath smells extremely fishy
3. they are butt ugly and act like a TWAT
clide, with breath that bad, you must be a Twat face
by mkdj December 08, 2008
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An offence where one has the face of a twat
Hey Twatface, you have the face of a twat. Twatface
by Lewis March 17, 2003
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An individual who is never open to ideas, constantly killing the buzz and sapping energy from the crowd. The Twat, in reference to the female genitalia, is an ominous presence that will ultimately seek to control and supersede anyone or anything in its path, with its negative presence.

The twat face is not gender biased, and can be male or female. The idea is that the person, based on their behavior, loses their humane personality and their face will become to look twat like.

Sign language for twat: form a diamond by touching your thumbs and index fingers together. Put this shape by your groin and bring it up to your face. Twat face
Stop being such a twat face and come to Vegas with us.

My boss is being such a twat face and keeps nagging me about the projects that need to be done.

John was such a twat face last night: he wouldn't come out because he had to see his girlfriend.
by miether August 04, 2011
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