1. Being unpaid when due
2. Coming or arriving after the scheduled or expected time
3. Being something that should have occurred earlier
a killer whose punishment is long overdue
an overdue bill
the whole town knows our rent is overdue
an overdue train
by Dennis April 23, 2005
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1) An orgasm which is long overdue.

2) a drink, make with raspberry vodka, sprite, a splash of cran, and garninshed with lime.
1) "i had such an overdue bead the other night that I filled up 2 condoms"

2) "i might not last long, ive had a bead building up for 2 weeks and its long overdue"
by TaySean D. November 21, 2007
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What all walking corpses, ghouls, revenants etc. suffer from. It is known to strike with pandemic effect when there is no more room in hell, and St. Peter is keeping those pearly, pearly gates closed.
God fucking damn it! It looks hell is fucking full again, now Overdue Death Syndrome will be fucking rife. *Is eaten by recenly *Deceased* mother.*
by Oswald Mosley May 13, 2008
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That guy so overdue he won’t even gimme a biggas hug.
by January 15, 2021
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When it has passed the time of your normal bowel movement.
After I ate that block of 10 Year Old Cheddar cheese from the Amish dairy in Wisconsin I got overdue doo doo for the whole drive home.
by jd206 May 18, 2019
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