3 definitions by Si Todd

Minging beehutch. Taken from the well known fact that your face becomes screwed upon the licking of a lemon.
Person 1 "Toodle pip! What a Lemonlicker!"

Person 2 "Yeah, she has blatently had too much of that citrussy goodness..."
by Si Todd March 2, 2004
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Term used to describe a gang of cap wearing Burberry bastards who think they're hard. We've all seen them before so enough said.
Blazing squad "Oi, gis ur fone..."
Definition user "Erm, FUCK OFF"

(The sound of breaking bones then follows)
by Si Todd March 7, 2004
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A word used to describe the current state of a departing poo. This term may only be used when the turd is protruding from your sphincter. Also known as "Touching cloth".
Person1 "What is that bulging in your trousers?"

Person2 "Oh that... Just a turtlehead."
by Si Todd March 4, 2004
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