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A condition caused by an imminent turd projecting partially from one's rectum
..At the Beach.. after raw clams an beer..."Hey look at that dude runnin' to the water... He's gotta shit so bad... He's got a turtle butt!"
by Divewave May 21, 2006
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1. An adorable butt, or term used to refer to a loved one with a cute butt or butt as cute as a turtle
2. most commonly used by couples who love turtles and refer to each others butts as turtle butt,
3. referring to the other person as turtlebutt.

4.A cute nickname to call my boyfriend because we love turtles
Danny you are such turtle butt!
or Sara my what a cute turtlebutt you have!
by TURTLECAKES June 11, 2009
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A condition when one sits down on the toilet and thinks they are about to poop, but it just goes back in.
Man, I can feel it there, but it won't come out. I have a case of turtle butt.
by Monica Ricks April 07, 2007
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A person, often an elderly republican conservative principal of an elementary school, who oppresses young children with rules and regulations when they really should just be have fun and laughing.

Said to a 5 year old child, "That Principal Stevens is a Turtle Butt!"
by CQUINN October 23, 2005
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