Typically a term used by someone who is experience a sudden urge to shit. So much so that they require an immediate resurgance to the nearest restroom.
by Jaquandious November 22, 2022
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The total disbelief of the current situation, news or information.
Bill: "Peter, you sent over those TPS reports without the cover letter again. I need you to see me in my office."
Peter: "You gotta be shitting me!"
by The Mils Edition August 12, 2016
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A proclamation that holds some urgency, thereby allowing you to quickly get out of a situation. It also lets the individual that the proclamation is stated to know that you won't be back anytime soon.
Florence: Have you seen my pictures from our vacation? We took something like 500 pictures.
Florence: Well then I guess maybe next time.
by TigerW August 10, 2005
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What one says while they are running towards the bathroom. Usually when the turtle is poking its head out and they are very close to having an accident in their pants.
*At the Office*
Don: Yah Bruce this weekend I took the family to-"
Tommy: "I GOTTA TAKE A SHIIIIIIIIIIT" (as he runs past the water cooler down the hallway to the bathrooms)
Don: "-to, ah, man.... i hope that Tommy gets to the bathroom in time."
by M Dogg May 27, 2005
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When you have no choice but to let you're uncontrolled stool escape you're bowels.

At any cost.
Maddawg "Fuck, I gotta shit"
Nancy the clean"but my clean floors..."
Maddawg "stomps in his steel caps"
by Cherryheals4u November 2, 2020
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someone who has to shit, but doesnt wanna say "I HAVE TO FUCKING SHIT"
#1 : yo waddup

#2 : oh shit uhhmm..

#1 : wha?

#2 : i auhh.. i kinda gotta shit... yeah..
by VampireVal July 1, 2023
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