The act of lovingly slapping your partner in the face with an erect or semi erect penis.
Man, the bitch wouldn't shut up last night so I turkey slapped the white offa her!
by Steve0 August 21, 2004
To slap one's female partner with an erect, uncircumsized penis. The equivalent of a mushroom slap.
My girlfriend thought females were equal, so i turkey slapped her until she bled.
by ElNegro November 6, 2006
to slap a girl in the face with ones penis, whilst she is sucking your balls
Kaiser: Hey Westy, yesterday, meg was sucking my balls and as she was doing so, i gave her a wild turkey slap

Westy: ahhhh nooooo kaiser, thats gross
by kof and toz July 11, 2003
The art of slapping a bitch across the face with a giant elephant penis.....perferably mine
Your girlfriend was bein a bitch so I turkey slapped her and knock'd her out, then I had a threesome with your mum and your sister...
by Nate.D #13 October 14, 2005
Smashing sum bitch in the face with ur penis for her pleasure. A favourite pasttime of Jero and his girlfriends.
Girl: Hey jero, can u please turkey slap makes me soooooo horny.
Jero: Yeah ill do that shit bitch, but u gotta promise me you won't cry cause i do have a watermelon cock.
Girl: Oh i want that shit bad, give me that asian love
by dewy June 21, 2006
to be slapped in ones face possibly other places with a males penis.
"i got turkey slapped"
by DoYlE McFoYlE August 2, 2005