Expression: contracted form of son-of-a-bitch. A derision on someone's character.
Fuck you, you sum bitch!
by ziptied April 1, 2003
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To revert to someone uknown
Friend: Who the hell was that?
You: Sum Bitch
by Ace456987 November 28, 2005
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A white stinky tiny ball of bad breath
I coughed and a sum bitch flew out of my mouth and landed right on step mommy's pussy

My breath got really bad after I was done with step mommy but it wasn't because of of that rank gash, it was just a sum bitch.
by go4ray December 21, 2022
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This is the best comeback to use when someone tries to offend you
Ayo fuck you bitch

How about you get sum

Get sum what?

Get sum bitches
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This phrase is used in place of a vulgarity, cursing, or other wordage that is not proper for use in certain areas and situations.
"Did I drop that hammer on your foot?"

"Yes you did you Sum Bitch Pile Monkey Nuts!"


"Yo man I was bangin the hell out of your sister last night!"

"Isn't that a sum bitch pile monkey nuts!"
by Milton and Alex March 7, 2008
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