3 definitions by Steve0

The act of lovingly slapping your partner in the face with an erect or semi erect penis.
Man, the bitch wouldn't shut up last night so I turkey slapped the white offa her!
by Steve0 August 21, 2004
A unattractive female who is always seen with another female who is marginally more attractive. It is usually impossible to score with the hotter female without the duff receiving her fair share of the action.
Damn! I so wanna tap that chick.. but goddamn, she always has that duff Nicole hanging off her. Look at that fat mess!
by Steve0 August 21, 2004
A town full of(and surrounded by)shady cops on a "reefer madness" trip.
Busted or harassed by the p0lice...typical bloomsburg.
by Steve0 February 27, 2005