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When a girl starts a handjob, yet doesn't "finish" it.
"She started playing with my cock, but it was just some turkey jerky"
by The Midget December 20, 2004
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Like beef jerky, turkey jerky is dried and seasoned. A food.
Scott's uncle loves to make turkey jerky for long hunting trips.
by R Sizzle April 25, 2003
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A handjob that a gal gives a not-overly-bright guy in exchange for his assisting her in some way (passing her a few bucks, helping her with homework, giving her a ride, doing a little work on her bike/car, etc.), when she knows full well that his generosity on her behalf is worth far more than just a momentary/temporary sexual pleasure.
Dude #1: Yo, where ya been, Bro?? Da game is nearly at half-time --- you were gonna sit and watch da whole show with me!
Dude #2: Yeah, I know, Man --- sorry I'm late, but I was helping Tiffany to finish up her algebra homework --- she'd already paid me for my efforts, so I didn't wanna run out on her till I was done.
Dude #1: Tiffany PAID you for your work? Dat gal is such a spendthrift that she hasn't got a dime to her name most of da time! What'd she pay ya with?
Dude #2 (flushing a little): Oh, she let me play with her boobs while she "relieved the pressure".
Dude #1: Ahhhhh... she gave ya da ol' turkey jerky routine, eh?
by QuacksO November 29, 2017
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