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While bending completely over and mooning someone, thus creating the appearance of a turkey as viewed by the one getting mooned, the person getting mooned in turn starts to lick (eat) the mooner's package - thus creating the turkey gobble.
When Ben mooned Betty, she got so excited and gave him a turkey gobble.
by DocP May 04, 2006
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Whenever a man shoves his balls back between his legs to show someone unfortunate enough to have answered... "No, I haven't seen a turkey gobble."
"Hey, ever seen a turkey gobble?"
by Innocent Bystander June 18, 2003
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A genetic inheritance.
When extra skin acquired around the neck and sags.

Thus the person begins to look like a big turkey.
There he is, get him guys!!

What are you guys doing to me?

Oh shit thats just Bryan, damnit! we thought you were a big turkey!!

Its Thanksgiving where is Bryan??

Look at that turkey gobble- what a freak!

Insults to this person could be- gobble gobble

- your a big turkey bitch
- get running on thanksgiving motherfucker

- put feathers on this guy and you don't need a halloween costume

by Tourrette's guy is the coolest October 13, 2009
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