When your dad calls you for dinner and he slaps you across the face with his knob.
When rene calls reece for dinner, it's not time for dinner it's time for a turkey slap
by Postill April 16, 2015
The art of slapping a bitch across the face with a giant elephant penis.....perferably mine
Your girlfriend was bein a bitch so I turkey slapped her and knock'd her out, then I had a threesome with your mum and your sister...
by Nate.D #13 October 14, 2005
Smashing sum bitch in the face with ur penis for her pleasure. A favourite pasttime of Jero and his girlfriends.
Girl: Hey jero, can u please turkey slap me...it makes me soooooo horny.
Jero: Yeah ill do that shit bitch, but u gotta promise me you won't cry cause i do have a watermelon cock.
Girl: Oh i want that shit bad, give me that asian love
by dewy June 21, 2006
To senselessly trounce a man's forehead or cheeks with one's chafed scrotum after a night out on a tranny chase. Otherwise known as a victory slap, to prove to other trannies that Briggsy has made a kill. Has also been referred to as territorial marking.
Denzil: Have you noticed all the trannies with bruised faces?

Roland: Yeah. Looks like Briggsy's being dishing out some more Briggsy's Turkey Slaps.

Denzil: Dirty little fucker.
by Jittery Codpiece September 12, 2006
Due to social distancing, simulating the performance of a traditional Turkey Slap by swinging the penis back and forth, 6 ft away from her face with no physical contact.

While not as physically satisfying as it would be under non-pandemic circumstances, the act of lovingly pseudo-slapping your partner in the face with an erect or semi erect penis is still a coveted tradition especially around Thanksgiving.
My hot cousin came to town for thanksgiving. While i normally would give her a Turkey slap after everyone went to bed, we kept our distance and had to settle for the covid Turkey slap instead. I gave her a little helicopter penis action as well.
by Dick Onchin November 13, 2020
1.buy 5 turkeys
2.stuff turkeys with beef flavored ramen noodles
3.cook in mini bake oven
4.buy a large stable neon pink beer pong table
5. rapefuck as many girls as possible on the beer pong table
6.buy dmany of red solo cups
7.drug as many professers as possible
8.balance red solo cup on nose of professers
9. slap red solo cup off nose
10. drink as much beer as possible
Person 1: DUDE!! did you get the turkey for Turkey Slap Rape
by PARTYROCKIN July 6, 2012