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A prominent icon in the college party culture. Once used for their value, they are now used to carry out the traditions of old days and don the imagery. Any images containing red solo cups normally invoke judgments from others, whether they be accurate or not (sometimes they only contain juice?)
Boss: I noticed this interesting picture of you with a red solo cup?
Worker: oh yeah, that was at a birthday party, we used red solo cups for juice! I promise I wasn't getting plastered or being stupid!
Boss: suuuure you were....
by UM North Quad August 13, 2011
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A legend that lives on. RIP Robert Hulseman aka inventor of the red solo cup.
Dude 1:You want a beer?
Dude 2:Only if it's in a red solo cup
Dude 1: Ight cool
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by Buttface McJuggerFuck March 26, 2017
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