when someone tells u that they’ll fuck ur mom
In Dominican Republic if u tell someone this it will not end well for u
Diablo ese mamaguevo me dijo “rapa tu madre” deja que yo lo vea que lo voy a matar.
Damn that mf told me “rapa tu madre” just wait till I see him I’m gonna kill him
by heralct September 17, 2021
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Spanish phrase used for insulting back a person.
I literally means "and your mom"

PS: the word tú, with an accent means you
the word tu, without an accent means your
just FYI
A: You, bastard.
B: ¡Y tu madre!
by Loriel April 4, 2008
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Group of Honda heads located mainly in Piscataway , North Plainfield, South Plainfield and Plainfield, NJ. Usually seen driving their cars all around the tri-state area. Most can be seen using catch phrases such as FML, FTMFW, FTL and "Get Arped!"
John " Dude, What's that?"

Steve " You don't know?, It's Tu Madre Racing"

also.. can be said while rolling your R's

ex. Tu Madre Rrrrracing .. brrratt
by Brrrattt March 30, 2009
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Spanish for Motherfuker.

Literally translates as "Your mother's sea shell".

Colloquially as translates as "Your mother's vagina".

One hundred percent translates as "motherfucker".
Upon being shot in the kidney Jon exclaimed:

"You've shot me in the kidney, ¡concha tu madre!".
by LaGambaDeLaFiesta July 11, 2011
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Spanish for, "go fuck your mother." In spanish, it is the offensive equivalence of the English slander, "Nigger faggot."
Josè: Mierda tu madre!

Josè: gets shot.
by SkinSheddingPecker December 15, 2020
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It’s Dominican slang that implies that you fuck your own mother, that’s to mean that you’re such a dirty, nasty and disgusting person that you’re even able to do that.

Although most of the times, when said to other people, it’s taken as a offensive, it’s common hear Dominicans say it as an interjection.
Qué rapa tu madre tú ere, loco! Cómo tú te vas a comer la comida mía? (What a rapa tu madre you are, bro! How dare you to eat my food?)
by Vir_ March 27, 2022
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