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South american insult. Concha means vagina in Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile and sometimes in other Latin countries. Concha is also a sea shell but the shells are usually refered to as conchitas (little sea shells) to avoid saying cunt. While, concha-tu-madre is an insult, latin women do not always find the use of the word concha as a body part to be as offensive as english speaking women find cunt to be.

La concha de tu madre! = Your mothers cunt!

Concha es tu madre! = Your mother is a cunt!

by Berk7 February 27, 2007
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A sweet bread made in Mexico usually topped with a vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavoring in strips which make the bread resemble a seashell.
Esta concha es muy deliciosa.
by Kindachi August 26, 2008
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Also shortened to "conch" this South American slang refers either to:

1. A collection of females.

2. The female genitalia.
1. "Bro apparently the concha at the ballet last night was unreal!"

"You're so right Tom, there really is nothing like dance to attract the finest female specimens in the nation"

2. "Her conch was so ransid, flames wouldn't even lick it"
by Team Chasky August 31, 2013
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A medical/anatomic term used in reference to the C-shaped inner portion of the ear. It is composed of cartilage and makes up the middle third of the vertical plane of the ear. This area, as well as many other parts of the ear, can be pierced to any body modifier's liking.
The concha's main purpose is to protect the ear canal from damage to the eardrum.
by Green Queen April 08, 2007
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