It’s like saying “muthafuka” or “ahh hell”
Usually used by Mexicans close to the border of Texas or Mexicans from the valleyDel Valle
1st person speaking to another, “ Your the One One who dropped it”.....2nd person’s reply “su madre guey
by Papí J August 13, 2017
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The Spanish word for saying his mom instead of your mom.
by blastofff June 02, 2018
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An insult in Spanish, popular in Miami, which translates into "I shit on your mother."
This sometimes extended into "Conyo carajo me cago en su madre," which loosely translates into "Fucking hell, I shit on your mother."
"Me cago en su madre!" yelled Ernesto to the driver of the shiny, new Lexus that cut him off.
by Danny January 21, 2005
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Literally, "America fucks its mother". Mexican expression used when someone wants Club America (A football team) to fuck off.
Que no se pierda la tradicion de decir Que chingue a su madre el America!!
by sdlgcdg:v April 03, 2016
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This in Spanish is Hijo De Su Puta Madre which means I love you no matter what
For example say it to your Latina girlfriend or her mom as a compliment and trust me they will love you. Like I said Hijo De Su Puta Madre means I Love You in Spanish.
by IAtePoopLastNight101 August 13, 2020
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a phrase used to express affection when someone does something nice for another person such as giving gifts or an act of kindness.
Person 1: “Christine brought gifts to all the children in the hospital this year.

Person 2: “Aww, linda de su madre”

It can also be translated as “ God bless her heart”.
by Sometimes Suato March 29, 2019
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