The other way to spell czar. Both are considered correct.
Czar? Tsar? Either way they pwn those Rusky bastards!
by Elitist January 1, 2004
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An abbreviation of the phrase "that shit ain't right."
Man, that girl with no teeth is TSAR.

He TSAR'd himself by kissing the girl with no teeth.
by unforgiven0388 November 13, 2009
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i saw a fat chick in a tube top and thong. TSAR!
by squrel October 24, 2009
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A hot guy who typically doesn't like to see people sad. A guy who makes everyone feel better and has really pretty eyes nice hair. The greatest lady killer that has always been rejected.
"Tsar just got rejected again!"
"Yeah, his hotness is too much"
by poopypants762 November 15, 2018
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Used to give a nickname to a person named Ryan. Abbreviated as follows: The Super Amazing Ryan.
"Hey, here comes TSAR"
by tumbleweed April 25, 2005
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The one thing, other than Chuck Norris' foot, that if you see, you immediately know you are going to die
What more is there to say? Its Tsar Bomba
by Name removed by the NSA November 16, 2013
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A 53 megaton thermonuclear bomb let off by the Soviets in 1961. The most powerful weapon ever detonated by humanity, several thousand times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. Its mushroom cloud went 64km high, and the blast wave went around the earth a few times. It broke windows over 1000km away. For the brief period of the explosion it produced 1.4% of the power output of the sun. It annihilated everything within 30 miles, turning rock to ash etc., and smashed the living crap out of everything within 100 miles.
Person 1: They dropped the tsar bomb in Liverpool, but lucky for us we're in Manchester.
Person 2: My entire body is on fire.
by xenomorphish June 30, 2011
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