Look at that ho in the tube top... is that Erich's mom?
by Dichead June 28, 2006
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a streatchy strapless top for woman that is one of the hottest, sexyest most gorgious femane articles of clothing ever invented. they look amazing on the right girls but when worn by the rong girl it's just plain creepy!
guy one: Duuuuude, look at that gigga hotty!
Guy two: yeah the tube top sure getts the attention of my pet snake.
by @%$&$ July 9, 2012
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A national weekday memorial to remember those beautiful bouncy breasts.

Women celebrate by wearing their favorite tube top for all of life's splendid men to see.
Hey Billy, it's Tube Top Tuesday. Let's go to the bar and check out some tits.
by Gentle Genius July 11, 2014
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When large breasts are squeezed into a clothing garment 2 sizes too small so that they look as if they will overflow and capsize at any moment just as the Titanic did.
Damn did you see tube top titanics over there?

Saw her?! i want to motor boat on those sweater melons!

by chubbychaser82 August 18, 2009
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The section of a bike frame that connects the head tube (where the forks go) with the seat tube (where the seat post goes). Usually 20-21 inches on a BMX bike. A shorter top tube generally means a shorter wheelbase, therefore making the front end easier to lift. Flatland frames commonly have shorter top tubes (~18.5") for ease of maneuvering. A tall rider may find bruised knees as a result of a top tube being too short.
Jack: Yo, my top tube is 22 inches!
Jill: Compensating for something?
Jack: Blow me.

<James winces as the cross brace collides with his junk>
Jeremy: HAHAHA! That's what you get for trying a flatland trick!
<James moans>
James: Yeah, I was looking into a flatland frame with a shorter top tube...
Jeremy: Panzy.
by Goedrik May 27, 2008
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(noun and or verb)

noun: A “Kawasaki Tube Top” is commonly defined as an irresistible simp who’s willing to do anything to get their knuckles pounded by passerby’s.

verb: When a man stretches his fishing gaiter out over his shoulders and crawls through it, only allowing the overextended fabric to cover his exposed nipples.
Noun: Hey babe, let’s stay on this side of the street..i don’t want us getting too close to that Kawasaki Tube Top.

Verb: I didn’t think Terry was going to be able to do it..but through sheer will power and drunken commitment, he was able to kawasaki tube top himself.
by JayBoogie714 March 9, 2021
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