A rich white person who lives on trust funds from mummy and daddy but pretends to be are poor. They subscribe to a fake hippie lifestyle, kitted out in designer boho chic, eating expensive organic food, pretending to be anti-establishment and generally moping around thinking they alternative and above everyone else. They sometimes claim to work in media, but sit around all day drinking overpriced fairtrade coffee pretending to be intellectual or ironic. In cities like London, they tend to frequent areas like Hoxton, Shoreditch & Dalston. Most will eventually end up working for capitalist instituitons, the establishment or for mummy and daddy.

They are related to the Bourgeois Bohemian Bobo and the Shoreditch Twat / Hoxton Twat
Tarquin was a professional "Urban Trustafarian". He went on the anti-bank march, even though his dad was a CEO at a major financial institution. He fitted into the clique quite well with his Vice magazine chic, designer beard, tweeting regularly on his iphone 4 whilst playing the djembe really badly.
by colonel tom parker June 30, 2011
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A trustafarian peacock is an extremely image and fashion-conscious person, often with dreadlocks, who does not work but has access to plenty of money. A species of rich “glamour-hippie” who is particularly obsessed with dressing up sexy, preening, and showing off. They wear dreadlocks, tight-fitting custom leather, trendy tribal jewelry, sexy boots, masks, feathers, furs and fedoras. Unlike the traditional granola trustafarians who pretend to be poor and earthy – the peacock types like to flaunt their freedom and joy to the world. As it’s hard for them to relate with most adults - they often form exclusive cliques of uber-fashionable adult “kids” with the same psychological issues and fully-subsidized lifestyles, often thinking of themselves as "costume performance artists" and post-modern dancers. Trustafarian Peacocks can most easily be sighted on the West Coast, and in places where former hippie influences have cross-bred with big money – such as San Francisco, Ashland, Maui, Bali and at the Burning Man festival.

That El Circo party was a total "who's who" of tribal-glam pousers and trustafarian peacocks.
by GetReal February 5, 2006
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4. In a larger and more general context, a Trustafarian is someone who lives off of a trust-fund or off of rental income from property that he/she inherited. In previous centuries certain rich kids received stipends or allowences from their parents to live a cultured life (usually before settling down while looking for a suitable spouse, and later getting a sinecure in the family business) without actually working for it, those could be now called proto-trustafarians. Anyone who livess off of income he/she hasn't actually earned and keeps it quiet is a Trustafarian, who may in fact be, and often is a decendant of proto-trustifarians.
John's not only a trustifarian, he comes from a long line of proto-trustifarians, in the last 100 years the family has worked for maybe a year.
by Cyrien June 24, 2005
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Female beneficiary who doesn't work for a living but thrives on the largesse of others - usually the state, family, or other donors. Normally attempts to justify their soul sucking existence by claiming they have a right to their lifestyle because of some sort of self diagnosed malady or childhood 'trauma'. Often middle class and white with a proclivity for green and/or liberal politics. Inability to actually experience empathy or understand irony. Very often categorises themselves as a 'creative'.
"Look out mate, that Trustafarian beearch is on the lookout for some sucker to fund her indolent life of scrounging and gluttony. Do you know she has her own house and two cars? I'm serious. You'd think she worked on frickin Wall Street, the way she lives. It's unbelievable."
by Jimmy Novak February 25, 2010
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A Jamaican that trusts too much, and fears so little.
I'm a trustafarian.
by Stellarspace October 4, 2023
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Wealthy smelly homeless kids with a trust fund and dreadlocks.
"Venice California is the capital of Trustafarians".
by Commiefornia December 18, 2020
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Trust-uh-far-eon - A hippie-like individual resembling a Rastafarian whose income is based solely on a trust fund.
"That hippie? He's just some Trustafarian."
by Synonymonym August 16, 2022
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