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2 definitions by GetReal

A beautiful God-like woman who embraces her inner beauty as well as uplifts and promotes other women to empower themselves spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, and psychologically!
An Ideity is a women who for example models or does business and teaches other young women the ropes on how to also be successful instead of being intimidated or hateful towards her fellow sister! So disregard any other definition you may find online as that would be an antonym posted by a nefarious coward!
by GetReal August 10, 2012
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A trustafarian peacock is an extremely image and fashion-conscious person, often with dreadlocks, who does not work but has access to plenty of money. A species of rich “glamour-hippie” who is particularly obsessed with dressing up sexy, preening, and showing off. They wear dreadlocks, tight-fitting custom leather, trendy tribal jewelry, sexy boots, masks, feathers, furs and fedoras. Unlike the traditional granola trustafarians who pretend to be poor and earthy – the peacock types like to flaunt their freedom and joy to the world. As it’s hard for them to relate with most adults - they often form exclusive cliques of uber-fashionable adult “kids” with the same psychological issues and fully-subsidized lifestyles, often thinking of themselves as "costume performance artists" and post-modern dancers. Trustafarian Peacocks can most easily be sighted on the West Coast, and in places where former hippie influences have cross-bred with big money – such as San Francisco, Ashland, Maui, Bali and at the Burning Man festival.

That El Circo party was a total "who's who" of tribal-glam pousers and trustafarian peacocks.
by GetReal February 5, 2006
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