A rich white person who lives on trust funds from mummy and daddy but pretends to be are poor. They subscribe to a fake hippie lifestyle, kitted out in designer boho chic, eating expensive organic food, pretending to be anti-establishment and generally moping around thinking they alternative and above everyone else. They sometimes claim to work in media, but sit around all day drinking overpriced fairtrade coffee pretending to be intellectual or ironic. In cities like London, they tend to frequent areas like Hoxton, Shoreditch & Dalston. Most will eventually end up working for capitalist instituitons, the establishment or for mummy and daddy.

They are related to the Bourgeois Bohemian Bobo and the Shoreditch Twat / Hoxton Twat
Tarquin was a professional "Urban Trustafarian". He went on the anti-bank march, even though his dad was a CEO at a major financial institution. He fitted into the clique quite well with his Vice magazine chic, designer beard, tweeting regularly on his iphone 4 whilst playing the djembe really badly.
by colonel tom parker June 30, 2011
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