adj: describing an event that is extremely excruciating to bare through.
Man: I have to go to the Opera with my brother and his annoying wife...its going to be a soul sucking night.

Rash: Oh man, finals are 3 weeks away, what a soul sucking month its going to be.
by Jonny Iosim November 1, 2010
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A blowjob that is so fantastic you feel like you have died and gone to heaven.
Theresa doesn't want to have sex until marriage, but I don't mind because that girl can soul suck!
With those pouty lips, I rather have that stripper give me a soul suck than a fuck.
by ABQ Thesaurus Rex September 27, 2017
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When the head is so good that when you climax you swear she/he sucked your soul right out of you
Jenna gave me some soul sucking head last night.
by Red Dexx January 30, 2018
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The act of receiving fellatio from a red haired freckled individual ie. Ginger.

Origin. Derived from the belief that gingers do not have souls and therefore can only attain one through non ginger male genitalia.
2012; < Neo-Latin fellātiōs sāwols;

Friend 1: Yoooo i got my soul sucked last night man! fuckin crazy party.

Friend 2: Duude you gotta watch out for yourself when you drinking. and If you ever want your soul back I suggest you do an Aretha Franklin. BEst of luck man...

Friend 1: ....The fuck??
by titty man sike ass January 22, 2012
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Soul sucking is when two people kiss with the might of to angry vacuums going at it.
Damn I wish Janessa and yaniel would just start soul sucking
by Yanul October 19, 2017
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making someone fall deeply in love with you but still Trying to remain friends, by talking to the person in love, this causes them great distress.
calling someone a Soul-sucking whore because they "ripped your heart out".
by Chelsea M April 8, 2007
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