A poser hippy who is actually living off a sizable bank account (ie trust fund).
Can you believe all the trustifarians who got box seats for the Dylan show? Dude.
by tibia December 29, 2005
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An infamous poster at the infamous law school discussion forum autoadmit.com who was infamously responsible for the evacuation of Hastings Law School.
Damn. How did trustifarian explain that to his parents?
by Jerry Cruncher March 6, 2008
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A hipster. White- culturally if not ethnically child of the rich who likes to trendily pretend they are poor while they up prices in neighborhoods so much all the locals must leave. The worst of these sorry excuses for human beings live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ick! Oh- also known for having an uncanny lack of dancing ability.
Let's leave this bar, there are too many trustifarians in this spot.
by Tompkins Square August 7, 2008
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