3 definitions by Jimmy Novak

Noun. A woman of extremely miminal attraction.
"Jesus dude, check out that shlieb, she needs indicator lights on her arse.'
by Jimmy Novak February 11, 2010
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Noun - trans from Greek or something - literally meaning 'vagina of death'.
Used to describe a neurotic, narcissistic female who utilses her genatalia and sexual guile to entrap males and then inflict psychological torture on them.
Also known as "She who cannot be named'.
"Shit dude, I thought she was hot and she was awesome in bed and then next thing I know I'm being bossed around by a total mentalist Vulvamort who can't remove herself from a fricking mirror."
by Jimmy Novak February 24, 2010
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Female beneficiary who doesn't work for a living but thrives on the largesse of others - usually the state, family, or other donors. Normally attempts to justify their soul sucking existence by claiming they have a right to their lifestyle because of some sort of self diagnosed malady or childhood 'trauma'. Often middle class and white with a proclivity for green and/or liberal politics. Inability to actually experience empathy or understand irony. Very often categorises themselves as a 'creative'.
"Look out mate, that Trustafarian beearch is on the lookout for some sucker to fund her indolent life of scrounging and gluttony. Do you know she has her own house and two cars? I'm serious. You'd think she worked on frickin Wall Street, the way she lives. It's unbelievable."
by Jimmy Novak February 25, 2010
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