A noun and or verb.

Any literal or figurative piece of shit.

1) A turd or piece of shit.

2 Bowl movement or the act of releasing ones bowls.

3) Any worthless, detestable or contemptible person or thing
Defined as; any literal of figurative piece of shit.

"Will you watch the kids for a few minutes? I have to send trump his breakfast/ lunch or dinner."

"Your dog took a trump on the carpet!"

"Damn! It smells like trump in here."

I thought that I was ready for the quiz but I took a real trump on it in reality.
by Liquor store Willie April 6, 2022
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A Russian word for "springboard". Any coincidence with real persons is purely by chance.
P1 - Do you know what Russians call a springboard?
P2 - No.
P1 - Trumpleen.
P2 - Trump Lynne? LOL
by Murdoc Kylburne January 19, 2017
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What you need to exhibit when you need to portray an image scarier than a rabid, urinating, maskless bat from Wuhan singing in the choir, an image to rival that of the shit arranged for your consideration , you need ONLY be "Trump-shit crazy", a SOLID 11 dialled up on the crazy knob.
If a husband "pokes the bear" to make a point to his jealous wife, he had better peg his dial at 11, "Trump-shit crazy" if he expects to even be noticed as being "upset".
by You rReal Name July 2, 2020
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Someone who will double down while telling an obvious falsehood
He was A Trump liar when it came to his working credentials.
by Joy Lance December 29, 2018
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He said I could breath on Mars if I tried hard enough. That was a real Trump Dumpling.
by NanchangKev April 24, 2020
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