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Acronym -The Neighbahood Skum An Australian based Graffiti art crew which was formed in the early 80s and officially established in 1989.
With practising members in both the U.K, Australia and other locales with initial members being referred to as KINGS due to the contribution they have made to the overall Hip Hop culture both locally and worldwide.

TNS was the brainchild of two exceptional twin brothers, MORBID and SODA each with incredible artistic talents and skills in every element of Hip Hop after almost 20 years since these two Brothers have been the inspiration for an entire artistic movement in the Sydney Suburbs and which has been building ever since

The crew has branched out and now consists of many artists practising skills ranging from Clothing design,Tattoo design,Automotive Artwork and Design,Stage Management, Artist Promotion,Artist Managment and Pro Studio Recording
A recently released Graffiti DVD - Subway Soldiers primarily featured their artists with other crews who have taken lead from the TNS namely TBK and TDP founded in 1994 and the infamous SS Subway Soliders,this DVD release has also been reviewed through Australian street press and is available through various clandestine locations around Australia
Old School
Hip Hop
by TooDamPhat September 25, 2006
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The cop that coined TNS can be found at this link.
by farkerace April 01, 2009
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The acronym T.N.S. (Toppa Nigga Syndrome)is used to describe actions of someone whom makes an unwarranted attempt to upstage their fellow brotha or sista.
"Marcus has a severe case of T.N.S. You can't do or say anything without worrying about him trying to out do a brotha."
by kurt j December 29, 2006
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TNS is the acronym for "typical nigger shit".
"Two basketball Americans were comparing guns at a baptism party when one shot the other in the groin. #TNS"
by GhostOfTiber May 03, 2018
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Cantonese swear words - Tiu Nia Seng.
Can be replaced with Tiu Nia Ma. Literally means fuck your mother.
Dude 1: Hey, your gf is fugly.
Dude 2: TNS lah!!! Better than yours.
by halfway there July 18, 2006
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An oral sex act in which a female sucks the tip of her partners penis and twists the shaft with her hands. Also known as the twist and suck.
Sally gave me the best T-n-S last night.
by Jasondirtymannn November 01, 2009
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TNS is an acroynm for Typical Nigger Syndrome.

Basically saying your going to do something but don't do it

Coined by Qually Neal
I'm so suppose to go to court today but I ain't going. I'm going to let the police come get me. This is an example of TNS


Black people won't go explore wild animals. is a version of TNS
by Quallz January 19, 2011
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