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A Rogue Macro is a description of someone's computer macro going out of control and starts doing things not intended for its task.

A Rogue Macro can be achieved when a macro is doing a task multiple times and accidentally clicks or does a wrong task (Either through a bug or a sudden popup) causing a different area to be done and like a domino chain, everything falls apart. This can either be as small as accidentally clicking send on a group chat or as worse as accidentally deleting your emails due to the juxtaposition of the placement of the delete button
Why did Johnny send 1000 images of his selfies? Oh wait he must've had a rogue macro when he used it to sort folders
by LePost James April 28, 2023
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Eliminates all 5G Towers and probably hides the kids in the "uncles house" so she can teach them to not do phones 24/7
Are you a boomer? No she's the Karinator
by LePost James June 4, 2020
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a Discord emoji which would show an emoticon "fire" when typed in chat
This seems kinda lit :fire:
by LePost James September 26, 2020
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NPC Behavior #86 is a behavior done by an individual when they only do something just because other people are doing it, wether it would be hating something or loving something, they would follow along without a second thought.

This behavior is common amongst people who likes to fit in with a particular group or person. They wouldn't hate if no one hates, they wouldn't love if no one loves. They are generally just NPCs at this point
You see that person, he hates gas prices just because everyone hates gas prices, he can't even drive yet, that must be an example of NPC Behavior #86
by LePost James September 15, 2022
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The Golden 34 is a chess move that happens if someone checkmated the opponent in 34 moves, 1 move before the opponent could checkmate you

Reason of it being called the Golden 34 is that, it's the least number to get a checkmate and it's rare
Carlsen did The Golden 34'
by LePost James November 29, 2019
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Hausemaster, The owner of an Anarchy Minecraft server called America.net
His alt accounts are "Donald Trump 696969" and "GeorgeBush420"
Hausemaster is GAY
by LePost James June 4, 2020
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