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Egghead, common in Nove Scotia.
Troydan: Stop calling me troyfather!
Little kid: Ok egghead.
Troydan: I'm NOT AN EGGHEAD!
Little kid: *starts crying*
by kikoko181 September 26, 2017
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Troydan also known as Bryan Warren Barrister is a youtuber who is known for his nba 2k and Fortnite videos. He plays with little kids like Donj, Fungas, Zesty, and a gay guy named Blaze.

Troydan has an egg head and probably has no real friends He is seen with a girl in some of his later videos named Kate but it is has not been confirmed if they are dating.

While Troydan may seem like a loser to most people over the age of twelve, he has some enjoyable content. As a fan of Troy, I really wish YouTube did not get rid of his react channel.
12 year old: Yo Troydan just came out with a new video.
13 year old: Dude I’m thirteen, I’m too mature for him.
12: Bitch that’s why u still play roblox
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