used after a woman's married name to introduce the family name by which she was known before she married; also used when anything is renamed
Pamela Lee (nee Anderson); Madonna (nee Madonna Louise Ciccone)
by Robox July 20, 2005
dutch word for 'no' (pronounce 'nay')
Nee, ga weg. (means: 'No, go away.')
by LuitvD February 4, 2005
A replacement word for no.
Dave: "Wanna go see twilight?"
Philip: "nee."
by huhahhoha January 3, 2010
A state of total intoxication where the only communication involved is a series of organized whimpers and whines.
All you did for thirty minutes was whine, we can't understand neeish!
by StealthEXIT85 May 25, 2010
Abbreviation of 'not any'.

Very often used with 'to get'.
a) 'I thought I was in there last night, but I ended up getting nee !'

b) His family is soo poor, when it comes to christmas, he gets nee.
by OpE March 16, 2004
abrivation of never meaning surely not or no
have you used the last bog roll?

Nee! that was tommy.


Nee, this packet of cigerettes was full when i left it.
by christopher fowler November 17, 2006
shut up fool, u aint nuttin but a nee
by Big John Stud April 11, 2005