In Ireland and Britain, the legal system has two "Lawyers" per se. One, a solicitor, gets work from a client etc... and if it is required to go to court, he would find two Barristers (One Senior Counsel and one Junior Counsel - but sometimes only one is needed if the case is small, then it is only a Junior Counsel, but could be a Senior, but that rarely happens).
The Barrister is the one who goes into court. He speaks, the solicitor also goes into court, but NEVER speaks. If he has to inform the Barrister of something, he would write it down on a piece of paper, and slide it accross, or whisper.

In Ireland, there are two places in the Four Courts that only Barristers may go: The Law Library, and the Barristers Restaurant. Now I always wonder, why would anyone want to become a solicitor if they cannot enter those two places...

Barristers are not allowed to advertise. And a lot of the time cases are settled before they enter court. Solicitors usually earn more money, but it is more likely for a Barrister to "rise up the ranks" to judge etc...
"So, what's your job?"


"Hate that... I'm a Barrister, I can enter the Law Library and a special restaurant!"

"Do you want work, or not?"

"I suppose so..."
by Hardstuff April 24, 2005
The act of emitting male ejaculate on a female's face, and then throwing a book at her head.
She gave me her heart, and I gave her a Barrister!
by funkydonkey October 24, 2008
A type of lawyer in England, other than a solicitor. Barristers don't actually speak in court, they just write. Solicitors speak.
My dad is straight barrister homes
by Carmina> April 30, 2007
A pretentious-sounding, but meaningless word that illiterate ijits, who want you to think they are from some African nation, impress themselves by claiming that's what they are.

The word barrister becomes meaningless when used by people writing emails from email domains from anywhere except Nigeria, but claiming to be from Nigeria.
This Nigeria Scam came today:


Dear Sir,
I am Barrister . Emmanuel Nwachukwu, a solicitor at law. One of my clienta
National of your country, who has lived in my country for many years, and
who hereinafter shall be referred to as my client , Mr Lewis Peter who dead
with his family of three .
by Downstrike June 14, 2005
A folk song whose lyrics were written by a 419 scammer whose command of English sucks. Here are the lyrics BTW:

My friend listen to me I don't know what you are doing Infact I have giving you the lawyer who you suppose to contact And I don't really know the reason why you are bringing the issue of the soul called Mr Barrister John Warosa I don't understand your plan here But I have told you to contact Barrister Mohammad Hassan, he is here in UAE He is the only person who will handle this business and without him That means there is no way And I just finished my meeting with him About 2 hours ago, so he is the person And even I can meet with him again Tomorrow morning in his office and I beg you If you really want this business to move forward Just forget any issue or discussion with the soul Called Mr Barrister John Warosa I beg you, I don't want you to discus with me anything about The soul called Mr Barrister John Warosa I beg, don't tell me about him again It's only Barrister Mohammad Hassan That the person who I speak with about this business And no other soul called Barrister and I beg Do not tell me anything about the soul called Mr Barrister John Warosa.

Somehow, Eric Castiglia, the guy who wrote and sang the song, managed to make it sound better than one could ever imagine possible.
Frankly, I'd be surprised if you know "The Soul Called Mr. Barrister John Warosa" without watching Atomic Shrimp's scambating John Warosa episodes. Search it on YT if you don't know. If you can't do that, then clearly you're a small boy.
by EpicScientician January 5, 2022