Something people shouldn't be-yet they still are.

Can also be interpreted as something sexual or evil.
You shouldn't do that...damn your so mischievous!
by EpicStupidityy October 17, 2010
Those who create misheif.
The mischievants were smoking under my window at 2am.
by Meckmaus September 24, 2013
1) To act mischievously
2) A verb pertaining to the act of mischief
"That boy is up to no good, he is certainly mischievering"

"They are clearly about to mischiever, their suspicious body language says it all!"
by Percival III January 25, 2023
The use of mischief in a way that resist a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school.
"Liberal Mischievism!" is the driving force behind the Internet...
by photoforrest April 15, 2010
He surely does have a Mischievous Mark sized cock. No wonder all the girls want to suck on it.
by Mischievous Mark May 4, 2021
When a woman hides behind a couch or curtain and reveals her lady parts in a way that only they can be seen and her lover slaps the aforementioned lady parts as if they were a mischievous kitten.
Woman: Yoohoo my mischievous kitten is peaking out from behind the couch :)

Man: Quit playing around, cat! *Slaps lady parts*
by jonnie snatch March 9, 2014
A feeling of a lot sneakyness
Person 1: How would you describe mischievous
Person 2: Imagnae a fly rubbing it's hands
by Smashdvs January 7, 2023