People who are part of a group/clan/team that were kicked out. The leader says that they were trouble makers, but in reality, he was just a shitty leader. The guys that were kicked out are now part of something bigger and better.
Damn! Shagge just called them deadbeat troublemakers. I can't believe he's still here!
by Shagge68 March 31, 2017
A person who freaks out all the time and is a big hoe and that likes asian girls and also masterbaits and sucks at flappy bird and has a small penis.
Troublemaker Nick likes asian girls and dances to the gangam style and masterbaits all the time and sucks at flappy bird.
by mrcondomguy July 26, 2014
Trouble maker is Brody Casen. My wattpad fellas hello ;)
Winnie: “You are a troublemaker”
Brody: “I think we both are”
by mmaayy May 20, 2020