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A person with little social skills, usually claiming membership of a small left-wing party cult, who disrupts meetings and attempts though manipulation to get elected to positions of responsibilites.
Everytime the trots speak at the union meetings, people tune out.

When we wanted to organize our neighborhood, all these trots showed up from across town.
by wobbly February 2, 2004
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A membership card for the union, Industrial Workers of the World
"Does that guy have a red card?
"Nope, he still thinks that politicians will change things.
by wobbly February 2, 2004
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A highly paid union official concerned primarily with friendly relationships with management.
Our business agent is a pie card.

We had planned to go on a wildcat strike, but the piecards found out about it and told the company.
by wobbly February 2, 2004
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Not really knowing if you remember a past event fondly or not.
I'd like to believe most of the time we spent together was fun, but the details of the divorce have left me kind of agnostalgic.
by wobbly August 13, 2012
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A lower form of life who justifies scabbing on a strike because of membership in a union.
Us carpenters walked, but the operating engineers stayed on the job; a bunch of union scabs.
by wobbly February 2, 2004
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