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Verb. As in Don Draper of TV's "Mad Men." To Draper something means to blow it out of the water beyond a resonable doubt to the point where everyone else in the room wants to kill themselves because they just realized they'll never even come close to being you.
I was Drapering my presentation until my business partner started making derogatory remarks about their culture and related stereotypes.
by TheLatinSnake August 27, 2010
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The awesomest last name you could possibly have.
a draper is usually slighty very overweight. but still so fricken amazing that he makes the awesomest guy ever look like crap. a BIG crap. in fact, next to a draper, there is no awesomest guy ever. unless his last name is Draper.
bill: no dah, his last name is draper.
by gtrdfhhjjhj September 05, 2011
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Used to describe a person who is loyal, and who loves his/her family. This person is trustworthy, and they exude love.
I wish I was more Draper-like. I want to be nicer.
by Koolgetlaid May 22, 2017
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To "draper" is to blow someone off, no matter how important, for something more self-indulgent.
Even though the Lucky Strike presentation is due today, I think I'll draper the afternoon and go bang my kid's teacher instead.
by punchmyface December 14, 2010
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A term commonly used in describing a group (i.e. of family members, a clan, a town, friends, etch.) of avid child rapers.
Them? Oh, they're all drapers. I'd stay away.
by Johnny Sanzabar June 26, 2005
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An intriguing specimen that has a tendency to overstay his dinners and dog the boys.
by AlDrag July 16, 2018
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