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a promiscuous, cheap and rather unnatractive woman whom sleeps around with b-grade men, thinking her shit doesnt stink. usually related to 'trailer trash', and walks around in last season's collections thinking she can get any guy she desires.
bonnie: dang, look at that trogger, how many guys has she done this week?
lans: are you sure that isn't cara?
by lanilu March 21, 2006
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A unattractive teenage girl, who's aim in life is to sleep with as many greasy haired, thin and sleezy males as possible. Similar to trailer trash these girls host white skin, bad foils, and thick black eyeliner. They get off on bitching about other girls who are dating a guy that they would like to fuck. Often sticking together in groups of three or four, these troggers are not to be trusted.
"Fuck man, i rooted a nasty trogger last night"
by b.o March 18, 2006
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Generally a hottopic kid, with giant tacky bondage pants and crappy fake gell colored hair. You can find these kids at the mall.
by kristy xvx December 05, 2007
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