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When someone gets triggered for a stupid or "wrong" reason, they are said to be troggered.
"Dude all the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks! I'm so fucking triggered."
"That guy is so troggered right now."

"I asked for chocolate ice cream and you gave me vanilla?! Are you racist against black people!?"
"... Stop being so troggered."
by xXpU55y514Y3R69420B14Z31TXx February 28, 2017
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Second level of triggered
When you are more than triggered but not yet traggered
A feeling of great alarm

Triggered- alarmed
Troggered- greatly alarmed
Traggered- most alarmed (extremem situations only)
Truggered- confused
Hannah was troggered that I used her real name in this definition!
by I_am_troggered April 20, 2018
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