awesome place where the coolest people on earth live. sylo, exility, cryco, jew bagel, mr tree, fox, and sparks. but sparks and jewbagel dont really live there
exility: we people from the village green are awsome arent we
sylo, cryco, jew bagel, mr tree, fox, spark: oh yeah
by itallhitsthewall November 25, 2008
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The Kinks are the village green preservation society.
This phrase is derived from an album called

"The Kinks are The Village Green Preservation Society," released by The Kinks in 1968. It was uniquely out-of-step with its time. Everyone else was singing about rippling rainbows and purple trees, Ray Davies was singing about a happy England which never really existed in the glory in which he paints it, but which could if everybody listened to this album!

God Bless the Village Green and God Save The Kinks!
The Village Green Preservation Society:
"We are the office block persecution affinity,
God save little shops, china cups and virginity."

Village Green:
"Out in the country, far from all the soot and noise of the city,
there's a village green.
It's been a long time, since I last set eyes on the church with the steeple, down by the village green.
It was there I met a girl called Daisy, and kissed her by the old oak tree."
by ray davies is wise April 30, 2011
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A retarded villager that can’t trade on minecraft java edition
I tried trading with him but he ended up being a retarded green villager
by Urmomisthegayest March 16, 2019
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This school is located in Port Saint Lucie Florida. At this school offers pretty good education EXCEPT THE FACT THAT ALL THE KIDS THAT GO THERE ARE FAKE SNAKES🥰
Tom: billy is so annoying

Billy: hi Tom

Tom: hi billy I missed you
Tom: what are you talking about
Billy: I hate Village green elementary school
by Laladoodoo4892 August 9, 2019
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