1. To be considerably drunk; to have consumed at least 7 standard drinks
2. A state of excessive inebriation; to become disorientated
3. Greater than I'm very happy to be here and lesser than Who am I
*Drunken Contemplation*
Dude: Ok, I can feel grass underneath meh, and I've puked up once; but Where am I?
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
Creepy Canadian who holds doors open for no one, you could be a mile away and he'd just hold the door open for you! He looks very confused and likes to look out glass doors and windows and likes to look at walls! Many sightings report him being spotted in the southern states of U.S. He may be God!
Person1: Who's that confused looking guy?
Person2: That's the Where Am I Guy
by Absolute_Darkness May 13, 2015
A seriously funny line from the Nationwide Insurance "Vanishing Deductible" commercial.
Guy: Every year you don't have an accident, your deductible goes down!

One year- *Guy fades slightly*
The next year- *Fades again*

Keeps fading and says "Where am I GOING, CARL?!"
*Guy disappears completely*
Carl: (in a sort of giggly, high pitched voice)

....That was awesome!
by That Was Awesome. September 4, 2011
A question commonly used after a heavy intake of alcoholic beverages.
Ex. Bro where the fuck am I?

Past tense:

Bro where the fuck were we?

Future tense:

Bro where the fuck are we going to be?

Present tense:

Bro where the fuck... *passes out from intoxication
by Schradamon July 7, 2014
But you already knew that. You only wanted to see if some sarcastic asshole made this page. Never ask "where the hell am I" again!
by Catpan November 30, 2016
Something that Sleepy Joe Biden says at least once every day, if not more.
Joe Biden: Jill, where the hell am I? Where are we?
Jill: We're in the White House, honey.
Joe: Wait...why? Why are we in a white house?
Jill: Because you're president
Joe: I'm president?
Jill: Yes sweetheart.
Joe: President of...president of what exactly?
Jill: Hahaha you're so silly, of the United States.
Joe: I'm...I'm president of the United States? How the hell did that happen!

Interviewer: Hello Joe, how are you tonight? I can't wait to kiss your ass for the next 40 minutes and ask you the most basic softball questions that even you can't mess up!
Joe: I'm good man, I'm pretty good. Wait, where the hell am I again? What are we doing here? Who are you again? Chris? Or or or or is it is is is is is it Chuck? No that's not right, wait wait wait wait who are you?
by Icy Wyte July 21, 2022