When a person is high out of their minds. Sometimes occurs at work.
Cokehead:"Shloppty bleh"
Poindexter:"Dude! Cokehead is trippin' balls!"
by Shintopriest February 22, 2004
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The result of a large intake of shrooms or acid, often in conjunction with any number of other drugs (i.e. pot, heroin, coke)
Me: Dude this movie sucks.
Dan: I'm trippin' balls.
Me: What the hell is wrong with you.
by Tripper November 16, 2004
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The state one is in when one is having an insane trip on strong hallucinogens.
"Dude, I could've sworn that Nerf football just said something to me!"

"Dude, that's my head man!"

"Damn, I must be trippin' balls..."
by cheez1234 July 26, 2009
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To be in a very hard psycodelic trip. Often related to amazing, mind-numbing halucianations. Used to describe a unusually pleasent trip, which is unexpected from such little substance.
Dude, just three bowls of this shit, and we were fucking trippin' balls.
by Resident Stoner May 03, 2009
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A type of high thats so intense, you freak out. If you can get to this state of mind, you didn't just smoke some pot, you did Lsd , cocaine, or some other type of heavy drug.

Also known as to "Trip Balls"
I just did some acid and im totally trippin balls.
by Brett LeBeau June 03, 2006
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The effect of being extremely confused, angry, scared, etc.
Usually used in phrases when you're high off of pretty much any drug.
Can also be applied when you are sober, when some crazy shit goes down.

Can be said as "Trippin' Balls" "I'm trippin' my balls off"
Pretty much any way you can put it, it makes sense.
Guy 1:"Man that guy in the tv over there is talking to us dude..."
Guy 2:"Fuck bro, you're trippin' balls"

Guy 1:"Hit this shit dog!"
Guy 2:"Nah man, I'm already trippin' my balls off."

Guy 1:"Haha dude, look at my cat, I just gave it like a whole fuckin' jar of catnip."
Guy 2:"Man..that thing is trippin' balls."
by Keithdchatt December 31, 2006
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When a bitch or a nigga actin' a fool an doin' dumb shit around, Ivan.
"Dafuq? Trippin' Balls..."
by ybbproductions September 30, 2017
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