1. (noun) Something that makes one start hallucinating. A word usually used whilst the user is under the influence of psychotic drugs, e.g. LSD, ketamine etc
2. (noun) Something/someone out of the ordinary; an abnormality

The use of the word is often accompanied by a hand-gesture, where one flattens out both palms vertically and makes small 'karate chops' in the air with one's wrists - a reference to a form of rave-dancing, often performed by ravers who are normally high on psychotic drugs and are likely to be 'tripping out' i.e.hallucinating.
"Dude, Finding Nemo is a tripout when you're on mushrooms!"

"I can't handle him when he's got issues in his life...he's too much of a tripout"

"You arrived at work 2 hours early?! Tripout"

"Why does that guy have white hair and black eyebrows, it's a tripout"

"The total eclipse is the biggest tripout I've ever seen"

"Those DJs were playing some seriously tripout psy-trance music!"

"Stop being such a tripout!"

"Britney used to be such a hot popstar - but now she's just become a tripout"

"I hate silent discos - the whole thing is a tripout"

"How on earth do you know my grandmother? I've only just met you?! That is such a tripout!"

"It's a tripout that McCain managed to win as many votes as he did with that nutbag woman by his side!"

by GurnGurnGurn November 07, 2008
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