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The state of either being very suprized, confused, scared, crazy...or the state of being one achieves while under the influence of a halluinogen.
"Watching that fat chick strip in front of us was kinda tripped out." OR "Ummmm, uhhhhh, mmmm...damn, I think that shit just kicked in, and I am fuckin trippin the fuck out!!!"
by Mick Lee July 20, 2003
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Tripped out- (1) A state of confusion and or daze (2) being on a trip (not vacation)

The phrase was made famous by rapper Hakeem Tha Dream, with his current hit single "Tripped Out" produced by Zaytoven.
"I'm sedated, I'm faded,I'm blacked out"... I'm tripped out
by Pimerica May 04, 2009
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