To behave in an erratic fashion, as if under the influence of mind-bending drugs.
I would trip out if aliens landed on earth.
by Brock Way March 2, 2006
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When a person's conscience is in the act of no longer subjecting itself to reality.
It can be anywhere from decreased ability to function due to lack of sleep, to the process of going batshit insane.

Most commonly it's seen used for people under the effects of Hallucinogens (i.e. psychedelics, dissociatives, and deliriants)
Another use is if they are panicking due to some sort of shock, paranoia, or fear.
Generally anything that effects a persons conscience to a degree where it can't function at it's normal performance can cause them to start 'tripping out'.

It is not reserved for use on or by someone under the influence of drugs.
P1: Hey man, Dave took my shrooms, have you seen him around?
P2: Sorry man, I haven't, he's probably tripping out by now.
Dave: Duuuuuude, I'm tripping out!

Used a lot in mainstream college-student-made horror movies.
Sometimes by the first/second person to die or later by one of the victims who's loosing his grip on reality.
by RawGreen September 28, 2013
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To be perplexed, fascinated or stunned by something. Can carry either positive or negative connotations.
I'm totally tripping out on that Dali painting.
by littlewing26 November 13, 2006
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The state of either being very suprized, confused, scared, crazy...or the state of being one achieves while under the influence of a halluinogen.
"Watching that fat chick strip in front of us was kinda tripped out." OR "Ummmm, uhhhhh, mmmm...damn, I think that shit just kicked in, and I am fuckin trippin the fuck out!!!"
by Mick Lee July 21, 2003
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when someone gets so high they have no idea what is going on
by C wizz February 20, 2003
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Tripped out- (1) A state of confusion and or daze (2) being on a trip (not vacation)

The phrase was made famous by rapper Hakeem Tha Dream, with his current hit single "Tripped Out" produced by Zaytoven.
"I'm sedated, I'm faded,I'm blacked out"... I'm tripped out
by Pimerica May 4, 2009
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