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spending your money on a female so she stay with you.
Some niggas aint trippin but i aint trickin
by Creedix5000 June 15, 2006
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To splurge on large gifts for a girl or boy that you like but don't know very well.
John was trickin' when he bought an expensive handbag for a cute girl that he had only spoke to once before.
by Dave F. H. November 28, 2005
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to spend money that you dont have a female to keep her
the only reason shes still with him is because he be trickin
by big deddy March 30, 2009
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1) To spend money you don't have on clothes, jewlery, cars, etc to appear to be ballin when your really not.

2) When a playa who lives in the hood with his momma drives a Cadillac and wears a carat in his ear that was paid for by his job at McDonalds and/or his momma's welfare check. Mostly in an attempt to impress his friends and girls.
Look at that fool trickin, drving around in that Cadillac when everbody know he flips burgers.
by DarKnite August 30, 2008
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Working the streets as a prostitute. Also known as "pulling tricks". The word can also be used as a noun (trick) to describe a woman who is slutty or a prostitute.
"Yo, that hoe is trickin'!"
"You aint got to lie to kick it, to the tricks and the bitches"-2pac
by CalJordan September 07, 2008
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Someone who gives you gifts and money to keep you around.
Especially if they know you guys may not get married.
Some may consider it a pathetic form of keeping a relationship.
Trickin on a Nigga
your letting him drive you car use you credit cards and buying him things because if you don't he won't stay around.

also known as Trickin on a female
by SomeRandomPerson98765432 January 08, 2009
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