spending your money on a female so she stay with you.
Some niggas aint trippin but i aint trickin
by Creedix5000 June 16, 2006
not actually being equipped and pretending like you are
"It ain't trickin if you've got it"
by realhardball December 29, 2010
when somebody is blatantly lying or saying something only to impress others
man dude said he got that car for 5,000 i know he trickin
by helmoman March 17, 2013
to make attempts to have sex with opposite sex
Man tonight I'm going to the club just to go trickin
by Anthony J 772 February 17, 2008
To splurge on large gifts for a girl or boy that you like but don't know very well.
John was trickin' when he bought an expensive handbag for a cute girl that he had only spoke to once before.
by Dave F. H. November 29, 2005
Occurs when a male uses his money, time and energy resources as a means to obtain or in exchange for sexual services from a female either directly or indirectly.

Females can trick as well, but not as common as male trickin.
"Charlie Sheen spends his weekends trickin on escorts in Las Vegas "

"Taking chicks out on dates is Trickin because she would never agree to have sex with you unless you paid for the date"
by SirTrixxxAlot July 8, 2019