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The action of inhaling then exhaling some type of smoke preferably marijuana or tobacco.
"Hey Mary take a few puffs of this doobie, the taste is great!"

"Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now." - Nelly

Puff,puff, pass.
by Bubba (Forest) Gump August 31, 2013
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a man who is gay or is acting really queerly.
1. will young is a puff
2. stop acting like a puff!!!
by donia September 21, 2003
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yet another word for marijuana, usually refering to cannabis resin. Native to the British Isles, in particular the south.
"oi mate, do you wanna go for a smoke?"
"yeah, have you got any puff?"
and so on.....
by Cyril Comstock June 09, 2004
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When Puffs Tissues began marketing to Germany, they did not find out until it was too late that "puff" is colloquial slang for a whorehouse.
by Lorelili February 18, 2006
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