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The only thing keeping us from doing what we want to do.
Me: After school do u want to go to mountain mike’s for Pizza.
Teacher breaks in sentence: here take a kind bar there much better for your immune system.
A word Trump uses to try to make himself sound fancy.
Trump: I’m tremendous.
Me: ya, tremendous in weight.
Trump is literally the definition of stupid.
Reporter: How should we stop covid 19?
Trump: We could inject disinfectants into our body! Huh, tremendous idea right?
Reporter: you don’t actually mean it, do you?
Trump: Uh, ya I was just being uh, sarcastic.
Why’d you search up E? It just wastes time. E doesn’t mean anything so why’d u search it up?
E means E so just stop reading this!
U must be pretty stupid if you don’t know what a cat is
You just now: what is a cat?
Me: Who does not know what a cat is?
You must be real stupid if you don’t know what urban dictionary means. U are literally on it right now.
Me: urban dictionary
Urban dictionary: you must be very stupid if you don’t know what urban dictionary is.
1. You are from an alternate universe, trying to discover the greetings of this countries language.
2. Your mom just came into the room while you were masturbating and had to search something up.
3. You're asian
4. You're stupid and just typed something random
5. You are bored.
6. You're trying to check your definition of Hi so you can brag to your one friend that you're famous.
You could use this in a sentence like this.
Friend: Hi
You: Hi
by you are reading my name January 14, 2022