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"verb/adjective" A terminology commonly used in the inner city of Baton Rouge, La. It is used as another word to described the act of something being or going "crazy" "gangster" "retarded". It caught on after being profusely used in the local documentary "Thuggin It and Lovin It".
"I done already took over Sherwood... I f***s with them boys in Glen Oaks, they already know I go DUFFY!" --Rambeezy

"Thuggin' It and Lovin' It"
by PrincessDorky August 08, 2009
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A man that is a regular smart ass on a day to day basis. He is an amazing singer, a killer lover, super smart. Really one of those people that you can check all of the above on. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. He is smart, witty, and loves bears.
Krystal: OOO girl look at him he is the cutest guy in her, and he is coming this way!!!

Lena: Thats what you call a fine ass Duffy!!! They are rare and yearn to be tamed!!
by LenaBear October 17, 2012
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a charming guy you sleep with even though you know he's in love with his ex-girlfriend of x years.
I can't really find a good relationship right now...guess I'll just settle for a Duffy.
by gamelan April 29, 2005
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one of the funniest guys around, lives in sydney and roams around the northshore.
"what the hell some guy over there is running around naked"

"dont worry bro, its just duffy hahaha"
by banana fingers September 08, 2004
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a girl in a group of other girls that is drastically uglier and broader than the rest often making them look better(may also be a cockblock). the term is derrived from the phrase "Designated ugly fat friend". The -y at the end is added so the word can be used freely in the presence of the duffy without making it obvious that you are making fun of her.
Yo those girls over there are pretty man dude, they got a duffy. I call she's not mine.
by Fil P August 24, 2007
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In the act of sex, when the male is ready to ejaculate, he pulls out and inserts the tip of his penis into the nostril of the sex partner. And ejaculates inside of the nasal cavity. Ending result is sperm dripping down the throat of the sex partner.
Judy: Hey Amber why does your nose look all red?

Amber: Oh he Duffy'd me last night again.
by jewbone25 August 16, 2011
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