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When you spend days building an awesome rig of hackable cyber systems and a guy named Travis unplugs his laptop and your entire rig.
We were all set to go until the travisty struck and we lost weeks of work!
by nebulator October 11, 2018
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attaining to any Fat White Rapper
"yo you recordin today?"
"nah i gotta get travisty mcdonalds, im broke"
"that fat fuck"
by johnnyguns May 18, 2010
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To be overly dramatic about a disappointment, a let down, bummer or something tragic.
John : I was walking down the road when I reached for my last cigarette that was behind my ear and I noticed that it has been completely ruin by sweat.

Travis: That is a Travisty!
by Tab1488 June 13, 2017
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Getting screwed out of playing the role of George Washington in a school play even though you are the best actor in school.

Mrs. Hoover "George Washinton will be played by Ralph Wiggum"
Rex "what? this is a travisty, everyone knows im the best actor in this ridicules school "
by peker87 October 17, 2009
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