not a real thing.

Transracial is changing your race to e.g. from English to Japanese to "better fit you" despite that being completely wrong.

seriously guys you cant just change your race like this.

just stop it.

get some help.
Emma is transracial. She used to be English but she changed it and now she identifies as Japanese because she thinks it "suits her better"
by axylt July 1, 2021
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A person who thinks that they can change their family tree by pretending to be another race.
"I'm transracial so I'm black and I can use black slurs and actual black people cannot tell me I am racist and call me white. You have to respect how I identify because it's totally just as justified as being transgender, even though transgender people hate us calling ourselves transracial."
by archangel2 May 28, 2017
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Anyone whose physical makeup, emotional, racial, and/or self-expression is in conflict with current cultural racial stereotypes and racial norms, similar to transgender and sexual norms.
1. A transracial transcends cultural racial norms.

2. Elizabeth Warren has truly become the Caitlyn Jenner of the transracial movement by actively embracing Cherokee culture and being so passionate and active in American Indian causes. If she wins in 2020, she will become America's first female, Native American, and transracial president.
by dgeldon January 23, 2017
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If you're transracial, it means you've changed your race from what it was before. Transracial is not a real thing and I think that it is racist.
"I am Kayla and I'm transracial. I now identify as an Asian, if transgender people can change their gender then I can too!"
by PinkStrawberryPrincess April 26, 2022
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Person 1: guys i'm a transracial, i hope you guys suppo- *leaves face of earth*
by nzap85 June 7, 2022
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a person who identifies as a different race than they were born as. 99 out of 100 times this person is chronically online and should get help. There is only one answer to the question- should we cancel transracials? YES. Most of the time, they are highly racist and ignore all of the prejudices the race they are 'transitioning' to have gone through. This is disgusting.
Person 1: Get off your phone
Person 2: I'm making a coming out video
Person 1: Ohh are you gay? I support!
Person 2: No, but don't make fun of me, okay?
Person 1: Okay, i promise ill love you either way
Person 2: I'm... Transracial. I know I was born english, but I want to be African and die my hair black and colour my skin brown and get box braids!
Person 1: What the actual fuck.

Person 2: I thought you said you'd support me-
Person 1: If you were transGENDER, yes, but not transRACIAL?!
*a day later*
Person 2: *is wearing black face paint all over their face and has braided hair*
Person 1: You are disowned get out you racist freak. You don't even understand the struggles black people went through in the past. This is completely wrong. Social media is actually going to be our destruction.
by jamie houzzara September 14, 2022
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Someone who self-identifies with two/multiple races.
Tyrone: “Yo, wassup Jonathan!”
Jonathan: “Yoo my kang! You still studying that black history my nigga?”
Tyrone: “Man why did you say the n-word?”
Jonathan: “Shiieet my kang it’s all cool, forgot to tell you I’m a transracial-transgender-genderfluid black man now!”
Tyrone: “Ahh shieeet, you should’ve said so sooner my G, I almost popped yo white/black with my glock. Congratz nigga!”
Jonathan: “Thanks my fellow nigga!”
by RealHoodNigga31323 January 17, 2021
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