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A person who thinks that they can change their family tree by pretending to be another race.
"I'm transracial so I'm black and I can use black slurs and actual black people cannot tell me I am racist and call me white. You have to respect how I identify because it's totally just as justified as being transgender, even though transgender people hate us calling ourselves transracial."
by archangel2 May 28, 2017
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when a person who is born of one race, makes the decision to become or represent themselves as another race. This is often done by persons who are mixed or biracial and can hence pass for multiple races. In more extreme circumstances, persons will change their outward appearance (through tanning etc.) to appear to be of one race and not another.
Damn Rachel Dolezal just did that swerve on her white parents by deciding to live as a black woman and disowning them. Now they mad as phuck. She just up and became a transracial overnight.
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A Transracial is someone who pretends to be another race in order to gain opression points,because they think it's cool or edgy or have a dull personality akin to linoleum curling want to seem slightly interesting. Often Transracial people are part the myriad of special sniwflake tumblrinas and tumblrites roaming around such as transagers,otherkin,fictionkin,headmates and transtrenders. They often believe that race is social construct just as much as gender,age,and other biological immutable triats.
Rachel Dozal is one the biggest transracials
by ryukage99 October 20, 2017
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Anyone whose physical makeup, emotional, racial, and/or self-expression is in conflict with current cultural racial stereotypes and racial norms, similar to transgender and sexual norms.
1. A transracial transcends cultural racial norms.

2. Elizabeth Warren has truly become the Caitlyn Jenner of the transracial movement by actively embracing Cherokee culture and being so passionate and active in American Indian causes. If she wins in 2020, she will become America's first female, Native American, and transracial president.
by dgeldon January 23, 2017
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To identify with a different race based on one's personal opinion, disregarding external pressure to live with the racial identity we were born into.
I have a buddy who is trans-racial, at 36 years old he found the courage to reject the idea that he is Irish and now identifies with being Japanese.
by CrayonEater567crayoneater567 August 23, 2017
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denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth race.
John is trans-racial, he was born white, but on the inside is asian.
by Oxnard-dictionary's February 15, 2017
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