a nightclub in worcs, uk.
goin to trampies 2nyt bruv?
by braaap May 18, 2007
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An extremely fat and ugly homosexual with extreme body odor and a micro penis
Ewe do you smell that trampis

You look like a trampis
by 158gsn September 9, 2016
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a word to describe scabby persons who steal and theif. some hardcore townies are trampy (actually most are) and of course tramps are trampy!
god! kerrie is such a trampy townie!
by trampy townie h8r April 12, 2004
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Wearing shit clothes but still managing to pull them off because your bomb hair n makeup make up for it.Half fit,half tramp-the exact half way line between trampy and fit
When your best mate,yve, is wearing joggers and an old tshirt and asks if she looks trampy so you reply you look trampy fit because although her clobber's shite she's still managing to slay all the fuck boys in the land because her makeup's lookin slick af
by Penguinpoop March 7, 2016
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Noun- A complex device designed to propel one through the air and resulting in the death of a bum.

The death of a bum can be ensured with the consumption of frozen chips ahoy.
Muhammid jumped on the Trampy Tramp and killed a bum by pumping lead into his stomach with the holy gun.
by Muhammid March 13, 2005
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1. When a married women runs around cheating on her husband.
That trampy whore sleeps with every man she sees.
by Daddy Bigg D July 20, 2013
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A well brought up young man sporting a deliberately dishevelled look. Accessories may include old mannish articles such as a ripped Barbour, a pipe, and some form of hat.
Check out that guy Crispin wearing the Peruvian hat with the tassels and smoking a pipe. Such a Captain Trampy!
by Little1/Squit November 24, 2011
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